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The following MP3's are tracks from the album The Tahiti Syndrome. Samples vary in length between 10 seconds and one minute 37 seconds.





These samples are from the classic Rainbow Remiped Dance Band album, The Tahiti Syndrome. They are the remastered versions which were produced in 2005. The remastered album, including some bonus tracks, was released on CD on 29 October 2005.

Considered by many to be one of the great albums produced in the 20th century, Professor Heinrich Skwitsche of Dingelburg University has argued that what makes this music so unique is the fact that it bore practically no resemblance to anything else that was being performed in that century. "What is so remarkable, Skwitsche writes, "is not the depth of musical abandon coupled with the audacious craftsmanship found in every song, but the way the collection of songs, the pattern that connects and makes up this unitas multiplex, this unity in diversity, reflects the profound heterogeneity, spontaneity, and insouciance of a culture that is yet to be. What we are dealing with here are memories of the future captured in musical form and transmitted to an unsuspecting and sometimes not even paying public."


What the press said about the original album.



What the press said about the new CD.

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Review published in February 2006 issue

What the band say about the new CD.

Martyn Swain - Congratulations, I believe, are due for a good job well done. Even I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the level of bass on the ‘bonus tracks’. A worthwhile exercise excellently carried out. Oh – and the ‘hidden’ track? – blinding! (Could this be a clue? - Ed.)

Alfonso Montuori - I just got it, and I love it! Of course the package is fabulous--what an amazing job! As for the music--well, since I just got it, I threw it on in the car (LOUD!) and even in the car heard all sorts of cool stuff going on that had been buried. So many of the tunes sound SO much better! It's a really great improvement, and a wonderful job. It's like hearing the album for the first time again! 

Martin Villard - "I love the Rainbow Remipeds, because" (in no more than 12 words) I think the packaging looks great, if you compare other vinyl to CD albums. The new versions are far superior in quality compared to the old. I for one will always use the new improved version and will never go back to my old washing powder. The end is also brilliant, it would go down well at raves (Could this be another clue? - Ed.) Many thanks for all the hard work on this, as I personally really appreciate it.

Ozzie Orzel - Are you sure? This is brilliant! It sounds so much better than the original. I like it far more now than I did when it was first released. Great packaging too. 

Glyn Bartlett - I looked up bonus in the dictionary ... "Something additional to what is usual and expected", well the whole album is a bonus on those terms as well as the hidden track (How many more clues do you need? - Ed) which should not stay undiscovered for long! A first class effort to bring back to life a masterpiece of it's time which is as relevant today as it was when it was recorded. The fact that all my children have the whole album on their mp3 players and play them to their friends is a good enough accolade for me.

Ray Knight - I think the original album got ten out of ten for the decade in which it was created and the way it all came together, in what we now know was the Remiped Syndrome. I.e take a bunch of happy chaps from all walks of life, take them to the coast, put them in a studio, add a splash of tequila, twenty barrels of Guinness, a variety of illegal drugs and a sugarpuff engineer and hey presto, Bob or should I say Rob Austin's your Man from UNCLE. Well, 25 years later, the man from Del Monte, he say "Yes, you can definitely taste the difference". All that hidden tropical flavour has been brought to the surface, along with special bass and fantastic congas and percussion. Oh and some funny expletives. To sum up, all I can say is you can hear all the time and considerable loving effort that Bob's your uncle has put in to this, remastering an old and always loved friend which now scores a Spinal Tap eleven out of ten. What more can I say, other than old friends and fans live the trip again and new punters have fun. Agent 007 Raymiped.

Eddie Kulak - Fresh and fruity, tasty and ripe, packed full of natural goodness. Overwhelms the senses with it's mouth watering tropical flavour of palm trees and sunkissed sandy beaches. Cellophane wrapped to keep in the moist juicy freshness of the day it was first produced. Comes pre-packed with a handy re-usable flip top microwaveable container (do not re-heat). Warning - If you prefer listening to this product, it erupts with pants filling excitement!

What our customers say about the new CD.

Llew Llewellyn, California - I have to tell you up front that I am now a full-fledged Remiped fan. I sat there with a silly grin on my face from the opening bars of 5-0. I haven't smiled so much in ages. Heavy Wetness!!

Hon. Simon Tierney, FocusMove Distribution, Bishops Stortford - As a distributor of high quality media, to professional companies, I can say how pleased I am with the presentation of "The Tahiti Syndrome". And what began as a curiosity as to the usage of the media which I provided, became a genuine appreciation of the contents. A cunning mixed genre that has the energy of MADNESS, and the lyrical sharpness of Bob Dylan. The album is a truly extraordinary musical white knuckle ride, which I was only to happy to be coaxed on by the Rainbow Remipeds. Certainly to be taken before meals, and once before bed.

Wingnut, Beckenham - Didn't believe I would ever hear these great songs again having lost my recording some years back. You guys never knew it but in the summer of 1980 the surf beaches of the West Coast (of Devon and Cornwall) reverberated to the sound of Hawaii-5-0, as a group of finely honed bronzed beach boys travelling in an orange VW Microbus waxed down their sliding sticks and performed the ritual Hawaiian tribal dance ("Book him Danno") before entering the surf. What a summer - Thanks for the memories.