In October 2000, all but one of the original band line-up that played on the Tahiti Syndrome album, re-formed for two nights only. The band played in front of an invited audience of family and friends on each night. The pictures below are from those two nights. Click on any image to enlarge the view.

The picture on the right is the front cover of the CD box set recorded over the two nights. Each member of the band received a copy of the box set after the event. Some excerpts from this box set can be found on the "Live" page on this web site in the near future.


Eddie Kulak   Ray McKnight   Alfonso Montuori   Martyn Swain   Rick Kulak   Glyn Bartlett
Martin Villard   Martyn Swain   Ray McKnight   Remipeds   Monty + Martin
Remipeds   The Brass Section   Ray McKnight   Eddie Kulak   Alfonso Montuori   Eddie + Martyn
Monty + Rick   Monty + Rick   Graham Harvey + Martin   Cliff Llewellyn + Martyn   Rob Austin + Sound Crew
The Brass Section   Remipeds   Remipeds
Martin Villard   Martin Villard   Monty + Martin   Eddie + Martyn   Eddie + Martyn